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Just a quick thought on obito's character that i wanted to post.
I don't know why everyone else didnt get it, but I'll add this: It was plain as day to me that he was also twisted because of the fact that even after trying to train hard and become a better person during the flashbacks we were presented that NO one acknowledged his improvement or achievement, especially the one he loved the most (rin), who constantly only acknowledged kakashi.

Put it in this perspective. How would you feel as a human being if your whole life you were a f*ck-up, tried your hardest to be acknowledged and accepted and improve yourself in the eyes of those you sought acceptance from especially the girl you loved only to not even once been told :hey youve come a long way or youve improved or great job! especially if it was for say by your wife/girlfriend/person you loved the most.

That to me painted a picture of someone who was extremely isolated and lonely no matter what he did to finally get to the mentality of: "well if no one gives a damn no matter how much good i do or how hard i try then whats the f*ckin point? To me thats a big part of why I believe obito became the way he is. Rin's death was only a catalyst that cemented his mindset that being good doesnt mean shit in a world of cruelty where only violence and power(kakashi being better than him,madara's legacy of being a powerful uchiha) are acknowledged.

There might not have been as much "buildup" through words or panels or chapters for the "why" obito is the way he is but the flashback emotionally and from what was shown pretty much summed up all of it.