Naruto 675 - Naruto 675 Raw

well good thing that Naruto and Sasuke have all that plot-armor and stuff We will give you the latest update on Naruto 675 manga. Any moment from now, Naruto 675 spoiler and Naruto manga 675 scans will came out of course thanks to Ohana and 2ch forum for Naruto 675 raw and mangapanda for the Naruto 675 English scans.

naruto 675 spoiler cause that’s the reason they’re still alive. But unfortunately for Sakura neither Naruto or Sasuke have enough plot armor to probably share it with her. So while typing that last paragraph I thought of something else that could have Sakura/Obito be hit, but wouldn’t have either of the boys to the rescue. Sasuke saw Madara go in, he can quickly make it Naruto to inform him. Naruto states that Sakura is in that dimension with no chakra. Theoretically Naruto could reactivate the Kurama’s chakra and it make it to Sakura before those two find a way to get in there.

This way if Sakura’s seal requires some chakra to open it, she has enough to be able to open it and try and stop Madara. Now how the other two get in there is another question. I was freaking pissed off when Madara basically eye raped Kakashi, but this also led me to a theory. You know how Obito asked Sakura to crush his eye before they were interrupted by Madara the rapist? I have a theory that there will be some serious Obito/Madara/Sakura action and after that, instead of crushing Obito’s eye, she will take it and hopefully give it to Kakashi.

So then Kakashi will be a holder of the rinnegan And then maybe we can see Kakashi return the favor and beat the crap out of Madara Sasuke’s shirt doesn’t have holes in the front or back from the sword when getting stabbed by Madara. It irks me when stuff like this happen in anime/manga. This happens a lot in Naruto. Clothes do not regenerate. Sasuke’s shirt regenerates, yet Naruto’s sleeve is still torn from back when he protected everyone from the enormous explosion by the Ten Tails. Do you know how weird it looks when he’s in bijuu mode and one sleeve is shorter than the other?