Naruto 690 Chapter - Kaguya's Escape

Kakashi power up is still too much farfetched, Watch out for the Naruto 690 spoiler and keep coming here to check the latest Naruto 690 chapter scans. Naruto manga 656 is heading towards one more of its beautiful chapter which is yet to release this Wednesday. its like he gained edo style chakra from dead Obito's spirit. But pretty convoluted chapter, so Kakuyga best ability is to create dimensions. I'd have to say, I wonder how Sakura haters are going to be now, since Sakura landed a decent hit on the most powerful being in the ninja world.

naruto manga 690

Just awesome really. So apparently Obito can transcend time itself and death too. Knew Kakashi was going to get the Sharingan back but wow. Well we already know chakra transcends death.... Haxoromo for one, and all of Edo Tensei is pulling chakra from the pure world right? It's just funny that obito used kamui to travel between "inner worlds". I'm ok with Kakashi getting some sharingan love but two? And he knows how to use Susanoo right away? Well maybe he copied it from Sasuke.... Don't get me wrong, I love Kakashi and wish him the best showcasing but I gotta admit this is as blatant as Fanservice goes. Nope, not a whole lot of manga left folks. He didn't go back in time. Rather, Obito went inside Kakashi in chakra form and all those things we see is happening inside Kakashi's spirit. The reason we see them in there younger appearance is because it was at that age when they were friends and everything that have happened to them after that had separated them. So, that younger appearance represents the time of their bond of being friends.And the eyeball transplantation gets even more faster. You can do it easily. Even after you're already dead. Why doesn't the whole Shinobi Planet not just transfer everything they've got to Naruto?